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An Allotment Visit

On the morning of 21 July 2018 two KHS members kindly invited 10 children plus their carers/parents to visit their allotment. Everyone arrived amid bright sunshine and fluttering butterflies. There were activities and events designed to introduce children and some of their parents too, to growing fruit and vegetables and to the importance of plants in daily life. The children planted seeds, identified fruit and vegetables and insects. They helped with digging, weeding, carrot pulling and also built a scarecrow. After all of that fun everyone had cake and juice. A good day out.

Allotment worksheet
Children at the allotment
Scarecrow at the allotment

The Longest Bean Competition

At the 2018 Summer Show there was a children’s competition for the longest bean. Earlier in the year the KHS held a stall at the Kew Market where they handed out bean seeds, pots and growing medium to encourage children to grow beans and then enter them in the Summer show. The winner was Harry Long.

The winners - longest bean competition 2018