Monthly Gardening Tips - September 2021


As the days shorten many plants begin to fade, and flop. Less watering is required. Remove seed heads where you want to prevent next generation seedlings from establishing. Keep weeding!

Here are a few photos of flowering plants worth investing in (as seen in the Richmond area! in late August):

perovskia atriplicifoliaPerovskia atriplicifolia, Russian Sage. Prune after flowering
erigeron karvinskianusErigeron karvinskianus. Hard prune in February/March
trumpet lilyTrumpet lily. Remove seed heads after flowering.
passion flowerPassion flower. Tidy in autumn. Prune in March.
wisteria before pruning
wisteria after pruning

'Before and after' summer prune of Wisteria. Spur back in Jan/Feb

bizzie lizzieBizzie Lizzie in pots
surfina petunas and helichrysum petiolare pruningBowl planted with 6 surfina Petunas and 4 Helichrysum petiolare
nasturtiumsMixed Nasturtiums fronting a window box. Easily grown from seed
begoniasTuberous begonias in a hanging basket. Not hardy
globe artichokeGlobe artichoke. Cut old stems to ground level Aug/Sept.
ceratostigma plumbaginoidesCeratostigma plumbaginoides. Cut almost to ground level in Feb/March
salvia jamensis 'Hot Lips'Salvia jamensis 'Hot Lips'. Cut back this year’s growth after flowering - Nov/Dec