Monthly Gardening Tips - November 2021


It’s been a slow autumn this year, with autumn colour lacking on many trees and shrubs. In preparation for my Tips I keep a look out for suitable subjects in local residents’ gardens, and below are some of my favourites:

Dahlias. Cut all tems to near ground level after the first frosts. Either lift whole tubers and store in boxes with straw or dry soil in a frost-proof area until spring; or cover over with bulky compost to protect the tubers from frost if left in the ground.

Virginia creeperVirginia creeper. Wonderful autumn colour but can get invasive.
Ivy Ivy. Great for bees this month, and for Christmas decoration.Trim in Jan/Feb. before birds nest.
Firethorn - Pyracantha is good winter food for birds.
Cotoneaster dammeri
Cotoneaster lacteus
Cotoneaster lacteus and C. dammeri for berry colour.
Nerine bowdenii Nerine bowdenii. Transplant after flowering, planting the bulbs only halfway into soil.
Snowberry Snowberry. Symphoricarpos Mother of Pearl. Semi-evergreen ground cover.
crocus corms
Crocus corms: plant 6” deep and cover with mesh or netting below or above ground to stop squirrels eating them.
dwarf cyclamen
Plant Primulas and dwarf cyclamen (not fully hardy) outside asap.