Monthly Gardening Tips - December 2021

It was a late autumn this year with disappointing leaf colour - until mid November, when Acers and Liquidambars were particularly striking.  Here are a few that I spotted locally::

Fraxinus angustifolia ‘Raywood.’ Ash treeFraxinus angustifoliaf
Yellow Japanese Mapleyellow japanese maple
Red Japanese MapleRed Japanese Maple
Liquidambar styraciflua. Sweet GumLiquidambar styraciflua. Sweet Gum
Acer platanoides. Norway Maple. On Richmond Green.Acer platanoides
Cotinus coggygria. Smoke BushCotinus coggygria

In October I mentioned baskets. Below is the last of my summer basket, which was emptied/composted, re-soiled, and planted with Skimmias in the centre and winter-flowering pansies. Forget-me-nots were also used. These are all hardy and will fully flower in March/April. Don't forget to check on watering during the winter….

Summer basket
Winter basket before planting
Winter basket after planting
ipomoeaAll the blues……. Here is Ipomoea. Morning Glory. An annual. Save the seeds!
And a very root-bound Saintpaulia (African violet) that I grew from a leaf cutting taken at the KHS AGM 30+ months ago! Note the terracotta pot, and drainage…….
pot with drainage

And finally…. my thanks to Roger Hine for puttting my Tips onto our website through the year; and to Jenny Fenhalls for putting some up on Facebook.

I wish all KHS members a very Happy Christmas and NewYear.

Richard Ward