Monthly Gardening Tips - February 2022

I have been writing these monthly Tips for just over a year now - just to spread the horticultural word so to speak. Whilst it became too onerous to keep up with monthly Tips for allotments/veg. it is interesting to photograph seasonal local horticultural features for members', and my,’ edification and interest.

With a drier than usual winter so far, albeit chilly, it has been a pleasure to get outside and get on top of winter work.

Here is a climbing rose, before and after photo, that I have been pruning and tying onto wires every January for many years. Before January often growths aren't ripened enough and can easily snap. After February buds are swelling and again damage can be done - so you’ve got a month to get the job done!

climbing rose before pruning
climbiing rose pruned

Belated tip about Christmas trees. Ideally, course, we would shred these, and compost them. However, the next best thing to do is just cut each side branch off - they all lay flat - and pop them in your green bin. Or lay them on borders for a couple of months to help protect vulnerable plants. See below. So easy!

Christmas tree
Christmas tree - dismantled
Christmas tree i bin

Here are a few February - flowering beauties worthy of consideration to brighten your garden in February:

Climbing evergreen Clematis (probably C.urophylla)evergreen clematis

Iris unguicularisIris unguicularis
Hellebore - Christmas Rosehellebore Christmas Rose
Garrya ellipticagarrya elliptica

Time to sort your seeds out. Shop around.

seed packets

Richard Ward