Monthly Gardening Tips - April 2022

With relatively mild and dry weather March was a busy month, with many plants flowering earlier than usual. By April you literally won’t be able to see the wood for the trees! Here is a small selection of Camellias and Magnolias that I have spotted in flower locally in residents’ gardens in late March:

Single Camelliasingle camellia
Semi-double Camellia. If you need to reduce the size, prune after flowering.Semi-double Camellia
Magnolia x soulangeanaMagnolia x soulangeana
Magnolia stellataMagnolia stellata
Magnolia Black tulip (?)Magnolia Black tulip (?)

If you have overgrown Mahonias now is the time to reduce them in size. Old ones often get thick stems which usually won’t regrow - unless you cut them back to an existing side branch. Otherwise just start at the top and remove this winter’s berries and about 9’ of stem down to a green side leaf. Or back to a side branch if there are any. A new flowering growth will quickly appear ready for next winter.

If you have overgrown Privets, Lonicera nitida or Bay trees now is the time to cut them back. Any later and they will get dessicated by the strengthening sun.

Re-pot houseplants?

March and April are usually best so that new roots quickly grow into new compost. Below is an overgrown Aloe vera which was very rootbound. I just teased the best of the ‘babies’ out and replanted them in threes in terracotta pots with good drainage. Easy. Water them well afterwards with a rose on the can.

aloe vera
Potbound aloe vera
aloe vera broken out
Re-potted aloe vera

You can also see my old Monstera deliciosa (Cheese plant) from which I removed the best 3 tips and potted up.

Monstera deliciosa
Broken out monstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa
Re-potted monstera deliciosa

Richard Ward