Monthly Gardening Tips - July 2022

Its a wonder that plants can cope with our weather extremes, but they usually do. As summer continues remove the seed heads of those that can become invasive - foxgloves, alliums, Verbena bonariensis, Opium poppies, Lychnis and nasturtiums amongst others; unless, of course, you wish to nurture replacements for next year. If so, you can collect seed from the best mother plants and sow them at the appropriate times.

Have you evaluated your floral displays in hanging baskets, pots and boxes? Are you spending too much? Consider taking cuttings of favourite Geraniums during the summer and overwintering them indoors; also softwood cuttings of your preferred Fuchsias, Lavenders, Hebes, and ivies which will root quickly at this time of year ready for planting out of small pots in October after the summer bedding has finished.

Compost gets pretty dried out during summer so it may be worth planning to replace it in autumn, together with the drainage. Avoid garden-made compost as worms etc. do more harm than good in small containers over the months.

Below are a few of the lovely plants that I have spotted in gardens in the Kew area during late June - beauty is all around us .

Elder - Sambucus nigra laciniataSambucus nigra laciniata
Breath of Heaven - Diosmia ericoidesDiosmia ericoides
Nerium oleanderNerium oleander
Red hot poker - KniphofiaKniphofia
Bottle brush - Callistemon citrinusCallistemon citrinus
Bottle brush - Callistemon citrinusCallistemon citrinus
Marsh marigold - Caltha palustris seed heads.
Caltha palustris seed heads.
Rose campion - Lychnis coronariaLychnis coronaria
Verbena bonariensisVerbena bonariensis
Annual opium poppy - Papaver somniferum. Flower, seed head (top) & bud (rt)opium poppy
Star flower or Borage - Borago officinalis. Annual. Edible. (Good in Pimms!)Borago officinalis